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Glenn Smart & Leo (Carpet Muncher), crossbreed (maybe a bit of Staffie x collie?)

In 2006, Glenn and Louise took on their fourth rescue dog, Leo. It took this formerly 'only child' quite a while to learn to share humans' attention with the other established dogs in the house, and the sofa was a casualty of his unwanted venting of frustration on more than on occasion!

Glenn is currently training Leo in basic obedience at home and in agility, which he appears to enjoy immensely- watch out Mutley when Leo is fully trained and ready to compete!


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Glenn Smart & Mutley (Mutley Russell), Jack Russell

Mutley was a street dog, rescued by Glenn and Louise around the year 2000. When he first came to them, his primary motivations were food and horses, or any other large livestock which moved in his eyeline! Like most Jack Russells, he is often very vocal during training sessions! Because the club trained for agility at a stables, Mutley spent over three years of training on the lead, as Glenn couldn't trust him not to run off after the horses. With our move to the Sweetwall Stud, with its (ideal) enclosed paddocks, Mutley has improved in leaps and bounds.

LATEST NEWS: Mutley Russell achieves his Agility Warrant, the first dog from Glandore to do so!
This A frame is tall for a little fella like me!
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Mutley competes in the Small class in Agility.
In 2005, he won out of Novice into Seniors, not bad for a dog Glenn thought could never be trusted off the lead!

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