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Lisa McCartney & Brandy (Brandy balls), Irish Setter cross Lab

Brandy is a 2 yr old Red setter crossed with a black lab. He was the only one in the litter that was that lovely colour! Brandy has been doing agility since the start of the summer (2005). He loves it! We have competed in a few competitions and I feel he has done very well! We haven't won anything yet but it's mainly my fault!!

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Brandy currently goes to Glandore and the Dogs' Trust for The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme!! and is currently going for GOLD!! I have been training Brandy for obedience since he was a pup. Then I heard about the dog's trust training scheme. It was there that I heard about the YKC! Me and Brandy are both registered. It was throught the YKC that I got introduced to Rachel at a show! We then started at the Glandore agility at the start of the summer. Brandy is doing brilliant!! he is currently in the competition class! I also did some training with him at home but that was before I joined Glandore.

Lisa McCartney & Darci, collie cross Lab

Darci is my mum's dog! Darci is a lab X collie! She has always been hyper and loves jumping everything! She is about 2. I thought that she would really enjoy agility and she does. She never did any training at home, she would only have jumped over fences etc by herself. Darci is currently in the Improvers agility class. She only started in September 2005!! She is doing really well. She is currently going for Bronze in her Good Citizens' Dog scheme at the Dogs' Trust. She loves her mummy!!

I'm SUCH a pretty boy- and I know it, too! Brandy posing!
I can do pretty in grass! Brandy relaxing
Darci looking cute!
What next, mum?
After a long session of agility training, it's time for a nap!