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All dogs must now be measured officially before their first competition:
As from January 1st 2006, it is a Kennel Club rule that all dogs must be officially measured before they compete.
Now that dogs have no choice over which size class they may compete in, each dog must be measured officially by two trained KC Measurers and given a determination over what size category their dog falls into for competition.

Small dogs are those dogs measuring up to 350mm at the shoulder;
Medium dogs are those dogs measuring over 350mm and up to 430mm at the shoulder;
Large dogs are those dogs measuring over 430mm at the shoulder.

Measurements are made by the Measurers working in a team of 2, using official Kennel Club measures. These are the only acceptable measures to be used, and may not be used to 'unofficially' measure dogs.

Each dog has to be measured twice, once when it is over the age of 15 months, and before its first competition, the second time between 12 and 24 months after the first measurement is taken. The Measurers record their measurements in the dog's Agility Record Book and send all details to the Kennel Club.

In order to measure a dog, it must be registered with the Kennel Club (breed registration for a pedigree dog, working register with a cross-breed or dog without papers), or the ISDS.

On the day of measurement, the following documentation must be brought with the dog for measuring:

(a) its registration papers, in your name
(b) its
Agility Record Book, with name of owner, KC registered name & number filled out
(c) a current photo stuck into the Record Book
(d) £2.00

The Measurers usually have Agility Record Books available to buy on the day, but they will cost you more this way, and they still need all the above information in order to measure your dog for you!
(If your dog is microchipped, the photo is optional, as the Measurers have a chip-reader)

If you need your dog measured, please contact me for information on the next time the Measurers will be available for measuring.


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