Khizhi as a puppy


Yeshe resting at a show!
Yeshe is a sweet-natured, self-willed imp, but he enjoys being with us, wherever we are, including the toilet and the bath! He is now enjoying being clicker trained for obedience, which has really improved his attitude and motivation.

Yeshe also takes part in agility, but as he is 15 inches at the shoulder, jumps at Medium height. This was a problem, as there were very few shows in Northern Ireland with Medium classes, so he had to be content with training most of the time, but with more clubs holding shows at all sizes, he is competing regularly now.


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Rachel Cooper & Yeshe (Alilah Yves at FiveNinePlus), TT

Yeshe (pronounced YESHee) is a Tibetan Terrier, and was bred in Shropshire, England - at the moment, he is top dog in our house, although his playmate KhiZhi (Mikudi Uptown Girl at FiveNinePlus) gives him a run for his money! Despite dire predictions from various people, he loves his housemate Kokya (Mikudi Kokya at FiveNinePlus), another male Tibetan Terrier.

Yeshe and Rachel at home
Yeshe clipped off and jumping!
Chacha in June 06, just before her  haircut!
Rachel Cooper & Briarlow's Chacha at FiveNinePlus, Spanish Water Dog
Chacha (short for muchacha maja, 'chic girl') is the first Spanish Water Dog to live on the island of Ireland. She turns heads wherever she goes, as she is quite unusual looking.
Chacha started her agility training as soon as she was 12 months old, on Sunday 23rd July 2006, so she is learning the agility ropes at present. She is also being trained in obedience and gundog work, and is shown mostly at FCI shows, where her breed has full status..
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In 2005 Glandore and Castlereagh put on both Midi Agility and Midi Jumping classes at their summer shows, so we had the opportunity to compete properly, and Yeshe has now won into Midi Seniors and won Northern Midi Agility Dog of the Year 2005. With the Kennel Club rule changes in 2006, the jumps will become slightly lower, which will hopefully help Yeshe speed up a bit and continue his agility career!
Yeshe has also been breed shown successfully, gaining several Irish Green Stars (including a Major), and coming 4th and 5th in classes at Championship shows in England. He has competed at Crufts for 3 years running, winning a 5th in 2002, but is now retired from breed showing and has been clipped shorter - to about 2 inches long on the body.

Yeshe has been going to obedience classes since he was 14 weeks old, and has done quite well so far, being as he is disadvantaged by me being a first-time competitor and the fact that before we realised it was a bad idea, we taught him to fetch a ball and drop it at our feet! (For those who don't know, once you reach competition, the dog has to hold onto whatever is thrown and only release it on command - you live and learn!) He loves to work, but it's the length of time he needs to concentrate (without reward) in the ring that is the problem! Yeshe won the first Pre-Beginners class he entered, so that was us into Beginners, where we were plugging away quite happily until June this year, when we won into the Novice class. Like most TTs, he is 'flaky', that is, some days he's fantastic (we have won two Beginners' classs and had a number of seconds), other times he decides it's all too much bother! You have to be quite prepared to be embarrassed on a regular basis with a TT!
Yeshe has passed his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens' Awards, and was part of the Glandore Bronze Good Citizens' display team at Crufts 2003.

It's quite high up here! Khizhi on the dogwalk at Castlewellan Agricultural show
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Rachel Cooper & Khizhi (Mikudi Uptown Girl at FiveNinePlus), TT
Khizhi (pronounced KIZZee, and Tibetan for a group of gods or demons!), is a our first Tibetan Terrier bitch, and was bred in Newtownards by Judi and Mike Tempest (Mikudi). Her mother Mikudi Gemima is a dual Irish and British Champion, probably the youngest in the breed ever, so she is from a very privileged background. Khizhi is quite small for a TT bitch, but despite this, qualified for showing at Crufts in 2006.
Khizhi at 8 weeks old

Khizhi competes at Obedience in the Novice class, and actually enjoys heelwork! She has been clicker trained, which makes her very eager and happy in the ring. She loves playing with balls and especially with furrry squeaky toys!

Khizhi also trains for agility, and achieved her first two (non-elimination) rounds at Castlereagh & District's show in October 2005. She will compete in the new Small size Agility classes from 1st January 2006, and is totally different in the ring from Yeshe, as I have a job keeping up with her!

Khizhi has taken our newest addition, Chacha under her wing, and plays with her for hours on end, not seeming to mind her beard being tugged unmercilessly!